About Us


Your one stop shop for best selling merchandises at the best prices. We are distributors, importers & exporters

to almost all consumers varying from Wholesaler, Retailer, Mini Mart, Chain Store, Convenient

Store, Liquor Store, Dollar Store, Gas Station Mart, 99 cent Store and Jobber Market for more

than 27 years. Our company has been importing and exporting products to different countries.

Our services also covers the entire US. Following are some selections of our supplies: air

freshners, colognes and perfumes, lighters, hair care products/accessories, beauty products,

smoking supplies, stationaries, batteries, medicines, vitamins, condoms, automotive


We have large varieties of Best Selling Items at the Best Prices!

Our site uses the latest in e-commerce technology, allowing you to check your previous order

history, monitor the status of your order and keep track of previously ordered items for easy